Eternal Student (radiojedi) wrote in thssdl_4n6,
Eternal Student

introducting myself

I am not from TN though I have visited :)
I'm from MN

History of my speech/debate experience

3 years of Creative Expression in high school and some debate(LD & policy but not much)

college competition for Bethel College, MN--communication analysis, prose, DI, DUO, poetry, readers' theater, persuasion, POI, parli, LD as well as a myriad of "special" events.

I'm now the assistant coach for Bethel's team. And hope to one day coach my own team on the college level as a prof.

My husband is competing in parli and extemp, and soon will add prose and maybe duo & impromptu

I love speech/debate. what else can I say :)
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