Nathan (gov) wrote in thssdl_4n6,

Am I still in High School?

So I'm neither from TN, nor am I in HS, I was however a big forensics nut in HS and now am in College as well. Names Nathan by the way and I'm at Berea College. The main reason I wanted to post in here is that I'm trying to get togeather a HS touniment HERE in Berea, Ky sometime in the middle or end of January. We're straight up 75 and not too far for most of you. Anyway, there'll be more specifics later, but my coach wanted me to stir up some interest first, so if you all think you team MAY be interested (like you want an invitation) just send me your school and coaches name in a reply or something. And do PLEASE send it (even you brando as I don't know the woman who took over after Mama B). Thanks a lot.
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